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Matthew Mills

Odd Things to Brew

From what I've seen, this is very odd to brew. I'm interested in gruit, but considering I couldn't find anything that most the recipes I've seen have, I went with just vanilla in addition to fermentables. Here's the entire ingredient list:

1 lb. 60L Crystal
cap Pure vanilla extract
3.3 lb can Coopers Light Liquid Malt Extract
3.3 lb can Coopers Amber Liquid Malt Extract
1 lb. Dry Malt Extract
1 lb. Raw Honey (Sapulpa, OK)
1 Vanilla Bean
1 oz Irish Moss
Packet Windsor (Dry) Brewing Yeast

3 Gallon Brew - 45 min. boil (counted from start of slow boil)

1 lb. 60L Crystal malt steeped for 30 mins while heating.
Added cap of vanilla extract at 120°.
Added 1/2 can of Cooper Amber LME & 1 lb DME at 180°.
1/2 Vanilla bean added 5 minutes into boil.
Remainder of Amber added at 30 minutes, immediately followed by 1oz Irish Moss.
1 Can Cooper Light LME at 35 minutes.
1 lb. Raw Honey at 40 minutes.

Immersion chilled ~30 mins to 75°
Poured through strainer with muslin bag to collect break.

Rest of vanilla bean in primary.

Windsor (Dry) Brewing Yeast - (GMO Free Exp 09/09)

Original Gravity 1.05 @ 68° ~~ 1.059

PLANNING (Feel free to comment):
Considering adding a second vanilla bean after primary fermentation is complete.
Single fermenter (got a Strawberry/Banana Mead taking up my carboy)
Got another pound of Honey I could/may add.

Is it even technically a gruit? XD

I know it's all pretty odd, at least it seems as much to me, considering I've never seen any such combinations, but I was in a mood to experiment. (And I'm known to blow money excessively).

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